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My Favorite Top 4 Anime That You Should Watch 2020 by Anime Feels

Konnichiwa! Anime Feels here again and so many requested you what mah favorite anime and so today I'll be sharing you the my top 4 anime that i think you must watch: (Ps: I’ll explain the plot of the story on my own words and how I look the anime) 

4. Haikyuu
-I like this anime a lot, it’s a sport anime that everyone loves, super even I, the game is so intense. And the characters are so cool. I very recommended this anime if you loved volleyball. 

3. Anohana 
-This anime is actually my very first anime to watch. I don’t wanr to spoil the anime so much but this anime is so heartbreaking and heartwarming as well. You should guys watch it promise!! You’ll like it!! 

2. Asobi Asobase
- This anime is so funny, it will make you laugh many times. There’s no boring episodes, if you bored this quarantine you should watch this!’ 

1. One Piece
-This anime is so masterpiece, i think you this anime many episodes yeah. But worth it!!! Love this anime a lot. This anime have the all genres!! Yey

Okay guys, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoy this article thank you reading. Again this is made by my own description of the anime. Thank youuuu. Sayonara!!  


  • Ron Cedric
    Oct 20, 2020 21:15
    Thank you sa suggestion napanood ko na lahat recommended talaga 💜
  • Kyungg
    Oct 20, 2020 13:35
    I'm so engrossed with anime when I was young but adulting made me so busy.lol