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Is there such a thing called luck?

The word luck is the phenomenon and a perception that describe the experiences of events that are notably positive, and negative, or impossible events.

In other words, luck is a chance which enhances what is good or bad things and can trigger without additional strength or beyond the control of everybody. Luck is also defined as God's will in the Bible. He has the power over what He wants to happen for us, is defined luck.

But there is no such thing as luck for others. Because every person has his or her own luck that is set before their birth. Some people are going to be successful because that is in their life plan. Loss and failure is a part of the learning process and new opportunities will come with the patient.

There's a photo of elf circulated on social media for the past few days, they said that anyone who shares this photo will receive a something on the following day. 

Because of its popularity online some people make it to earn more reactions, and comments while others use it to get more supporters and make money.

But recently a Facebook page called "ChosenGen" shared the reality behind the images of the supposed elf of luck. They claimed this was a kind of witchcraft and warned the public to not believe in this kind of thing. Because people who engage with this kind of trends will lose their chance of God's blessing.

After all, it's up to if you want to share it. Always remember that believing is something always comes from your heart. And with this time of pandemic that we are facing. Belief in this kind of good luck will alleviate our mental pressure, stress, and make our fulfill our wishes.

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  • Kyungg
    Oct 20, 2020 13:34
    My former teacher once said, " There's no such thing as luck. The good things that happen to us are called blessings. So don't say Goodluck, say Godbless." And I love her perspective ❤️
  • Anime Feels
    Oct 20, 2020 10:33
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