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Are we healthy enough?
If health is just an exam, probably, many of us already got a “B mark” or lower. Especially, in today’s situation… health is one of the most difficult to maintain aside from a consistent income stream. Because when we talk about health, it isn’t just about the absence of physical diseases. This generation had specifically shaped the definition of health into something deeper, going more into the holistic aspect which includes other factors like our mental, emotional and spiritual state. Moreover, it debunks the invalidation of the common overlook psychological illnesses like depression.
Health today is getting harder to compromise with, because of many factors, like our own personal problems, stressful environment, stressful national global issues, and the nation’s health system is even in the state of emergency itself.
It makes us worry a lot. It gets us into anxiety. Problems leads to mental and emotional breakdown.
At anytime, anywhere, the high risk to get infected by the Covid19 virus is there. 
So how can we still maintain an effective health routine anyway?
We aren’t any superhuman to completely shield ourselves for all those risks. We all have the same probability to get infected by the virus, or sometimes, our coping mechanisms aren’t strong enough to save us from handling stress that might lead into serious mental health problems like depression.
But we can lessen these risks, if we can’t completely avoid them.
Now, I want to share with you what I personally do, my healthy routines, that have greatly help me face each day with much positivity and hope that also decreases risks of acquiring possible illnesses. 
1.	The Good Citizen Routine.
What do I mean by being a good citizen? I simply referring to being able to reasonably follow the rules and regulations set by the government, especially the health protocols, to combat the pandemic we are facing. When go out, always wear our protective gears like the facemask and face shield. Equip ourselves with alcohol or sanitizers. Always practice social distancing. When arriving home, sanitize ourselves and the items we have with us as much as possible. By simple following these rules, we could lessen the risk of getting infected by the covid19 virus.
2.	Live actively, and boost your immune system.

The benefit of boosting our immune system isn’t just specifically for the covid19 virus. It is also for our general, to avoid other sicknesses as well. We can incorporate it in our routine by simply drinking vitamins on a regular schedule, and eating healthy foods as much as possible. Most of us probably transitioned to a sedentary lifestyle, but we can still get ourselves out from that unhealthy practice. It’s through living actively in our own way. Don’t let yourself sulk in your room the whole day. Get out of bed. Do a short walk around your house, maybe for some minutes or hours. Follow along a Zumba lesson in youtube. Dance a little, don’t aspire to be a statue. Do an exercise challenge. Do anything that you enjoy that can at least make your blood circulate better.

3.	Self-care routine.
If you maintain make-up routine, or a skin care routine, you should maintain this one more. Mental health problems are prevalent today, for most often, we neglect our mental health. We spend a lot more worrying and embracing the negative energy, instead of giving ourselves time to breathe and simply live at the moment. But how about I would tell you that, before you worry on anything else, you should worry on yourself first. Ask yourself, how are you? Are you allotting enough time to breathe from the suffocating environment you are in? Are you giving yourself a reward after exhausting yourself from finishing a certain task? Self-care is more than just caring for your physical state. Are you mentally okay? Emotionally? Spiritually? If not, allow yourself to have time to nourish that other aspect of your life. Do things you enjoy, or what you are passionate about. Have daily or weekly meditations. Have bonding time to your loved ones. Reward yourself of watching a movie after finishing a difficult task, or eat what you are craving for at that moment. Always find time to make yourself happy, cause that’s the very first step in order to have some happiness to share to others as well.

4.	Build your mindset.
Too much stress could make us easily prone to breakdowns and losing our life directions. Weak mindset destroys our self-discipline and positivity in life. It hinders us getting motivations to finish a certain task, or achieve a certain goal. What I personally do to help myself build a healthy mindset is to watch motivational videos from time to time, or listen to inspirational audiobooks while meditating as well. I also try to generate creative ideas, write them down, and slowly put them into action to achieve a satisfactory result. It helps me to have a productive mindset. Try to be mindful of your everyday situations too, as it will help you analyze things especially when you have a problem by helping you see other angles of it. Filter the negativity. If possible, avoid things or people that brings negativity in your life and always be grateful of things, so that you can see that best in each situation.

Incorporate these routines in your daily life, in whatever styles you like, and you will find your day much fulfilled and healthier not just physically, but holistically. Embrace a healthy lifestyle by living more, at the moment, and worrying less!



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