• Good News


Line of work that accepts Almost Everyone!

Many of us these pandemic lost jobs, but good news! This is not new but you can venture out and try new things while earning at the same time. One of the jobs I already tried is working in a BPO company, yes you read it right! It accepts even almost 60 years old as long as you can do your job but it will depend on the account that is assigned to you. But many of us are skeptical about this kind of job even I when I before I got engaged in the BPO industry, it may be stressful, yes but it turns out to be one of the jobs I'm considering to be in the long run. I've worked with people who are already 54 years old and enjoying her life and work at the same time. The work environment is diverse which I think is good for me because you get to understand people's insight and you get to be friends with them. One of the advantages is building connections that you wouldn't expect to happen, in just a short period of time you will feel like a family to them. But at the end of the day, you have your own strategy not just to survive but to live a life despite the global pandemic for who knows how long this will last.