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It is not too late, Achieve your DREAMS

I just want to share the story of my study.

Since elementary school, I am just an ordinary student, sometimes I am naughty, I make mistakes, I am the type of student who goes with flow, I do not care what the result will be or if I can get a high grade.

Until I went to grade 6, here I was a bit serious, maybe, during these times I want my family to be proud of me.

But when I went to high school (Grade 7) I had a disease, so I was busy with this disease, I could not be honored again.

Until I got to grade 8, I remember that I told myself that when I got to grade 9 I would be in a star section so I persevered, but I did not fulfill it. 

When I was in grade 9, here I had awards, at various types of school competitions, when I was in grade 9 it all started, I finished grade 9 with honors, these honors and compliments went on until I became grade 10.

I finished grade 10 with honors and special awards.

The moral lesson of this story is do not give up on life, dream and reach it, do what you can to make it happen, if you are sick or other problems in life, do not give up, find a solution, they say, when there is life, there is hope, do not compare yourself with other people, we are created with different things, and it is not too late, if you have a problem ahead today, tomorrow God has a good plan for you.