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Are you the type of person who usually compliment someone or the one that is usually being complimented?

How do you feel when complimenting others, and how do you feel being complimented?

Compliments are one of the the best expression of love. When you compliment someone, you help them to boost their morale, make them feel appreciated for pointing out their good qualities and made them be more confident of themselves. A sincere compliment isn't just to make someone feel admired, but to make them feel that seen as what a famous youtuber Matthew Hussey had said.

In a world full of negativity, compliments in the daily are important to help bury those negativities, because it means to only focus on the positive signs. So if you want to be surrounded with a positive atmosphere, you can simply start identifying the good things around you. Identify the good things from a person you are with. Maybe if you are with your friends, family, or just a random acquaintance.

 Compliments don't mean it have to be  flowery to deeply please the person. As long it is sincere and genuine, surely those words can already move their hearts. 

Compliments are best especially when you see a loved one who seems down. You have the power to lift someone's mood with your words. These kind words won't require you any penny, it's absolutely free so there's no reason for you not to speak it up for them.

You can compliment someone by simply praising the simple things they did. You can also give compliments on how they behave or their unique traits. Most people compliments someone's physical appearance, and recepients can be quite flattered with that. But to make a compliment sounds more sincere and genuine, you can praise someone's hidden good qualities that most people aren't commonly pointing out. Things that the recipient haven't actually heard yet.

On the other hand, if you are the type of person who isn't really used complimenting someone because you feel shy or awkward about it, you can still compliment them indirectly.

Say they look beautiful, you can resort to saying " Your outfit today really highlights your beautiful feature." It sounds like you're just directly complimenting the outfit, but there's an indirect praise on the person's beauty.

Compliments can be for everyone.

First of all, you can give them to your loved ones. Especially to deepen the quality of your bonding time with them.
They are also important to say to your partner, an affectionate way to show your appreciation towards him or her.

Don't forget your friends. If you're not with them, reach out to them atleast thru social media. Compliment the picture they recently post. Recall a sweet memory with them and indirectly give them some praise. Who knows how it will cheer them up especially that you don't know how their days have went. 

Compliments can also be for strangers!

Say you just seat beside someone on the jeep, you can simply praise the way they look or the way they style. There's no harm in doing that, like " Hey, I love way you did your hair. It really suits you. You look amazing!"

And last, compliments are best to say to yourself!

Yes. To yourself.

Today I look into the mirror and said to the girl in it that she did great. She just moved a step  forward to her goal. And hey, she is beautiful no matter what!

How about you, have you complimented yourself already?

It may sound narcissistic or conceited and maybe you've just doubted why would you do that, but there's nothing to worry actually. If you still don't, compliments for the self are your own language of self love.

Maybe you are used to be complimented by others, however, receiving a praise from yourself is still different. Complimenting ourselves develops a sense of mindfulness. We recognized more of our strengths and lessens our insecurities. It is because positive internal dialogues shapes our mindset and strengthens our willpower. As the saying goes " Who we think we are is what we become," we tend to strongly believe that we can  achieve what we want. By recognizing our own good qualities, our strengths, we let go of the things we can't control.  We accept our weaknesses and leave negativities. People aren't naturally born insecure. The negative thoughts that are eating them up are just actually acquired in a negative or toxic environment.

And if  you are used in complimenting others, why not yourself? Didn't you also have good qualities?

I believe you have.

You maybe a strict but a very thoughtful mother.
You may not be that bigtime dad but atleast you're a loving father to your children.

You may not be close to your younger siblings but you're actually caring and protective elder sister or brother. 

You are not that vocal with your feelings but surely you're a sincere and loyal friend.

You might probably haven't topped most of your exams but you gave great effort in reviewing. Atleast top your shoulder and admit how you did great.

You might not be as smart as your valedictorian classmate, but you are a diligent hardworking student.

You are an honest child. Some may not know, but you've already experience tremendous horrible things and you've been so strong for that. You've been brave for facing your fears.

 That's why you deserve a compliment! It is because just like anyone else, you are worthy. You have a worth.

Compliment is a love language you need to share with the world and also you need to give to yourself. By complimenting yourself and others in the daily, the more you've become fluent and the more the love spreads around helping everyone heals a little.

With that, I hope you use the power of your words. Compliment someone!


You are a  amazing person. Have a wonderful day. Staysafe and Godbless!