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Hello! I am back! Well, not back as in "back", because I cannot write anything good yet. Not that everyone is interested, but maybe a few, and thanks for that. 

I've tried to bounce back as much as I can and be myself again, but I think I'll need a lot of time to bounce back, with everything that is going on right now, I just need to start walking forward, because I know the world won't wait for me.  

Well, if you don't know what happened, I broke down, maybe two or more months ago, and ever since then, I never felt myself again. 

As of now, I continued working, no choice, I need funds of course, and I think, that was what remained constant for me. I continued to live, do stuffs that I needed to do, and go back to sleep when I want to, which really is a struggle sometimes. Well, what's important right now is, I'm alive, I'm breathing, I'm trying, I'm taking life as it comes, and not forcing things to happen.

For all of us, I know we can do this! I love you all!