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Zoey So

I Lost My Path

Twenty-eight years of existence in this world, that I actually never thought of surviving it because of a lot of struggles that I am facing. It was never surprising to be a part of the penniless family here in the Philippines, the everyday struggle that we do just not to starve for a day. 
It was hard seeing my parents fight and my siblings cry out for hunger everyday, I lost my path. I tried to be numb of the reality and enjoy everything with my peers, Done drugs, and soaked my body in alcohol. Until I met this prostitute that lives just a few blocks a way from my  home. Knowing that she sleeps with random guys never stopped me from talking to her. She slowly changed, she stopped being a prostitute and looked for a new  job, we spent a lot of time together until she got pregnant with my first child. I didn't know what to do that time when i found out that i am going to be a father, but one thing i'm sure of is that I am happy, but she wasn't. She asked me if she could just abort our baby, but i begged her not to. At the end she agreed, but come up with a deal that she doesn't want to be part of our child's life. 
As soon as she gave birth to our baby boy, I never saw her again. When she left me, I promised myself that I will give my child a great life. I went back to school, study at the day and work as a security guard at night while my siblings take cares of my baby. With my hard work, I finished Bachelor of Science in Management, got to help my family, and i am proud that I can afford to give my son everything that he needs. 


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