• Good News

Ara Elissa


Hello! My name is Ara, when it comes to decision  making, I make sure I don't do it alone. I always do it with someone whom I know I can trust and will always lead me to the right path. You wanna know who? Just continue reading! 

I am sharing with you my story how I decide something about life. Life with the continuous spread of the covid19 virus is never that easy, a lot of people lost their jobs and small businesses, and I am one of those who lost their jobs. Just recently, I resigned from my job in a Private Hospital, I worked there as a cashier over the course of 5 years. (hmm I know that was quite long). Working in a hospital with a pandemic is very difficult, it was like  risking not just your life and health but also your family, that 's why I came to a point that I was crying all day and night after work because I am so depressed. I really wanted to go but I can't lose my job because I need to support my family. I am not religious person and I must admit I often forgot to pray and thank God for keeping me safe and alive as well as my family, but ever since this pandemic began, I always talk to God asking him to protect us and keep us safe I realized the importance of talking to him and surrender your worries and that's what I did every time I pray is surrender him everything that keeps me sad and worried, I trust him with all my heart. God never fails me, i consider my self Blessed because i have him in my heart, I worry less because he always made me feel protected. 
One day, our manager messaged us informing that most of my colleagues got positive with the virus. I cried a lot and got scared that I might got the virus and fear of spreading it with my beloved family. whenever i felt scared and depress i call his name to release my worries and say sorry because in my opinion, whenever i feel sad or worry it means i am loosing my trust in him but God never fails me he always showers Blessings and Good news! i tested negative for the covid19 virus i prayed for it and asked him a sign about my job, he made me negative from the virus becaus he is protecting me and i believe that's also the sign to quit my job to protect ny family as well. 
so when i file my resignation,  I don't have a second job and enough savings to survive, the only thing I have is my FAITH, TRUST AND LOVE for him. 

posting the continuation of my Goon News!