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Daughter's quick thinking saves her mother

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Daughter’s Quick Thinking Saves Her Mother
Damien Galvin was on his way to work near Cork, Ireland, when he was surprised to receive a FaceTime call from his daughter, Priya. The five-year-old, who had recently learned to use FaceTime, rang in tears to raise the alarm that her mother had collapsed at home.

“She said Mammy was drinking her tea and now she was on the floor,” Galvin said. “She turned the camera around and I could see my fiancée was very distressed. She couldn’t get up.” Mary had suffered a stroke. Galvin was some way from home so he urgently rang Mary’s sister, who sent her husband to the house.

The front door was locked but Priya managed to open the backdoor latch and let him in. An ambulance took Mary to hospital, where doctors credited Priya’s quick thinking with saving her mother’s life. “With a stroke, time is precious,” Galvin said later. “My daughter doesn’t know it, but she’s a hero.”