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How to watch the Halloween movie Part 2

I previously discussed the first way to watch the Halloween franchise in an order connecting from the Halloween movie released in 1978 to the Halloween movie released in 2018 but skipping some of its series.

We already know who Michael Myers is and also Laura Strode. Now let's discuss who Dr. Samuel Loomis is. Dr. Samel Loomis is a child psychiatrist appointed to handle the case of Michael Myers and know why he murdered his sister. While Michael was in the Warren County Smith's Grove Sanitarium, Dr. Loomis was studying him. He studied his actions and decisions. You may say that he was obsessed with knowing who is Michael and why he keeps on wearing the mask and why he stopped communicating.

In these parts we'll include most of the movie series released, here is the order to watch the Halloween movie:
1. Halloween: Season of the Witch (1982)
2. Halloween (1978)
3. Halloween (1981)
4. Halloween: Return of Michael (1988)
5. Halloween: The Revenge of Michael (1989)
6. Halloween: The Curse of Michael (1995)

You may be wondering why I started with Season of the Witch rather than the first Halloween movie. This is only my theory on why Michael became a murderer back when he was just 6 years old. In the movie Halloween III: Season of the witch, Michael is not in here so is Dr. Loomis. In this movie, it's discussed how the masks created by the company Silver Shamrock affects the children wearing their masks while watching the commercials broadcasted which are also related to the same company. In the masks, there are chips that may be sending frequencies and were doing some things in the children's brain and thus Michael wearing the mask from the company made him a murderer.

This is only in theory and in my opinion, if you do not agree you can start with the Halloween I, then Halloween II, and proceed to Halloween III and follow the order listed from above.

In the next series, you'll also see Laura Strode's daughter, Judy, and what was her connection to Michael Myers aside from being his niece.

I hope you enjoy watching this sequence and stay tuned to the next part on how to watch the Halloween movie.