• Personal Stories

Alfred Fiesta

As Long As You're Happy

                       The first year of my high school life has begun. Stuttered and trembling with my toes between my knees; I say good morning to the class while slowly backing away as I introduced who I am. I never really had the feeling of complete happiness in my family. Endless screaming and heartbreaks lead me to protect what was left of it. The warm radiating feeling of comfort of someone else begins to dwell in me as I try to find it in others. We were just starting again, me and my mother. I had to continue to live without my peers or anybody closely to what society calls a friend. Finishing the reminiscences of my childhood' I began to take a seat. As I was patiently waiting for the seemingly unentertaining class to end, a bright light caught the attention of my right eye. There she was standing, speaking strongly about what she loves and aspire to be. Magnificent as the flowers in October. I was bewildered with what I was feeling. The sudden rush of emotions got me thinking that there was something that has to be done. Sooner or later I found myself, the shy and timid boy, to be the one handing over flowers and chocolates to this lovely lady. It went for about half the school year before she finally talked to me. It wasn't just an ordinary talk. She asked why I was giving her such gifts even though there was no guarantee of her saying yes or me getting anything from her. I simply stood there with confusion rather than reflecting on what happened. The junior years have passed and things were getting great for my family. My mother had a new husband who was dedicated to giving us the best life, we had a new house and got some pets to take care of, and lastly I got to be an honor student for the past of my academic years. With all of these blessings before me, I couldn't help but feel somewhat bamboozled. Being close to my own independence, I stop and wonder what was missing.  Many years had past and I finally graduated from high school. Before our we started practicing for our graduation ceremony, our campus decided to have a wonderful graduation ball to celebrate it's mischievous rather fulfilling students. It was the night I cannot forget. In that specific night, as I was going to the buffet table to get more of those delicious pasta rolls, I stumbled upon my old friend Magic. Yes, the very friend whom I tried to court when I was young. I never did took my eyes off of her. I knew where she was studying so I tried my best to follow her in the hopes that we can be finally together. Little did I know that the first words that would come out of her mouth were the utmost unexpected. Instead of saying hi or hello, she asked me if I realized yet what was the answer she was looking for. As for me, old habits die hard, I stood trembling and stuttering as I did before. She broke the ice by asking me if she can take my picture and of course I responded as any other gentleman would. I pointed at the exit door a million times and looked at her silly. Well, it was worth it when she laughed. After taking my picture, she asked me who do I see in the picture. Like the obvious answer, I responded by saying that it was her husband. When she asked me who her husband was, I never knew the answer. After all the riddles and clues, she asked me if I knew myself. Reflecting on what she has been telling for the past years, she never really did go away. I would message her constantly and ask if she was ok. We never had a long conversation but she never did rejected me. After the graduation, I dedicated on finding myself as what she said. I did the things I want to and made me happy. Sooner or later I found out that seeing other people smile's and laughter because of something that I helped with matters to me like it never did before. I focused on helping other people's academic problems and enjoyed making them cheerful and full of hope. That's what was missing from me and it took years for it to realize. Magic and I are together over a year now and still going strong. She thought me a valuable reason to stay strong and contended. Always love yourself, before loving others. In that, finally, I found my happiness.