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How to Stay Motivated (Part 1) - Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals

Motivation is what drives us to make things happen, for us to accomplish tasks that we need to do. However, staying motivated all the time is not always easy. It is likely and normal for us to lose motivation to do the things we do every day because it is also hard to find motivation. Sometimes, we just want to lie down all day and do nothing because we all feel so lazy to do things, yet we want to take a step forward.

Even the most hardworking and motivated people on Earth also lose motivation. It is also good to lose motivation sometimes because when you lose motivation, all you want to do is nothing and that gives you time to rest yourself, your mind, and your body. However, too much rest can cause laziness to do your work or the things you need to do.

If you want to stay motivated, one thing you should do is— Set Your Goals. When you set a goal, it will help you to act to achieve and accomplish your goals. It will keep you stay motivated because whenever you see the goals you have listed, it will drive you to do things and finish them in no time.

These goals will also serve as your direction to focus on the things you have to do. It will keep you in line with the path you are treading. As well as with these goals, the focus and concentration it has given will keep you away from any distraction. When you reached the end, finished the tasks, it is another kind of happiness it can make you feel.

In short, these goals you have set for yourself will serve as your motivation to continue in your fight. To achieve and accomplish things, and to reach success in which each and every one of us is aiming for. You know your focus of direction, keep going and the finish line is waiting for you.

- nekkooolai 🖤✨