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Agatha De Borja

How To Recover From A Friendship Manipulation And Betrayal?👊🙌🙏

        Have you ever encountered a friend who turns out to be manipulative, a user, or whatever issue that is? The good news is that I have very good tips to share with you based on my experience. This article especially applies to the dearest and the closest friendships that are broken. The closer you are to the person, the more painful it is when something happens. Now, let me talk about manipulation. The most painful part about manipulation especially the gaslighting in the friendship, when the person who is the nicest, the kindest, and the most genuine turns out to be a fake one and who probably uses you. Gaslighting comes when you confront this person. This is the worst and most painful case when it comes to friendships because you never see this coming with someone who can masquerade extremely well as if there are barely red flags. Another case scenario when this happens in marriages.  It may work differently with other friendships.  Your friend may not be like this. However, I feel for those who have similar experiences when a master manipulator friend can masquerade extremely well as an angel. It usually takes a longer time or years to find out the truth. If the best friend is starting to be emotionally abusive, their words are extremely well to the point that you don't realize that you are emotionally abused. When you are being gaslighted and put all the blame on you, it sounds quite convincing that you start to doubt yourself. This is such a common phenomenon. First of all, my advice is to take time to feel the saddest and deepest emotions for a while to feel better. Let out all the emotions. If you experience the effects of gaslighting which is doubting your insanity, know that it's not your fault and keep repeating to yourself. My suggestion is to research to find out why this happens and how to manage it. Another piece of advice is that in case you may experience some flashbacks of the bad memories, you can go to therapy or meditate. Know that you are strong and that the healing may take time in whatever case.  One of the effects is that you may develop trust issues after this. The best way to deal with it is to be more cautious by learning to detect early on the signs and to know that there are still good people early on. Lastly, research many types of narcissists to know if your friend fits any of the categories. This can help. For those who don't experience anything similar other than simply still being manipulated, used, and hurt by the broken friendship, take time to heal. If you haven't cut off ties, do so immediately. We need supportive people around us who can help us.


  • Nekkooolai
    Feb 25, 2021 19:30