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Alliah Adap

how to glow up?

in terms of "glow up", I am referring to who? well of course I am referring to you. 
have you ever look in your eyes in the mirror?
have you ever ask yourself about what are you feeling these days?
have you ever feel like you're not tired, not sad, not happy but you just don't want anything or anyone and sleep for a whole week?
to tell you what? me too.
I see how I changed a lot these past few months and I hate it. you too? well great because in this article I'm gonna share with you some tips on how to glow up. well, I can't tell about how long the process is but I am sure that this will work in the name of law of attraction so let's start and grow together.

so first we need to learn how to know and accept our feelings. how? here it is. did you ever feel so guilty about something you did but you don't want to accept the fact that you are guilty because you don't want to shame or maybe you just want to appear perfect in our eyes? well then that is the perfect example of disagreeing with your emotions. making mistakes is okay. accepting your flaws is okay. being not perfect doesn't make you who you are. even the mosaic is made of broken pieces but it is still a masterpiece, and so you are. accepting your flaws and mistakes will give you an ease in your mind so here's how to do it; analyze. take the lessons. control. calm down. let go.
try doing mantra sometimes, it'll help too.

now let's move on to the second. know your strengths and weaknesses. 
try to observe on yourself about what are the things that gives you strength like having a little lucky charm on your pocket or talking to someone special and same to your weakness like what are the things, people or happenings that you are afraid of. I myself, I actually love color purple as it appears perfect in my eyes because I am an color blind person so every time I see it I smile automatically. I hate people so I usually do things on my own and not letting anybody know what I am doing. what's yours? I'm sure that makes you perfectly unique.

third from the list, setting up your goals and knowing your skills. are you good at painting?  writing novels? singing? dancing? or you didn't know either? well, setting some details and organizing your stuffs might help you build up your skills and in that way you'll start to get to know yourself way more better. some times you just have to keep on going, keep on going and keep on going like you're running in a clock field. the time is chasing you but there's no improvement happening and it's okay to feel that way. take a deep breath. the time is running for so long but no one knows when is the right time. having a little rest may help too. observe and realize everything. in terms of magic, the more you look closer to it the more you don't see it so stay focus on what you're doing right now until the day you surprise yourself with the result of your work.

last but not the least, future planning. so everyone here must have your life plan for yourself. you must know what to do in the future and whom do you want to be with. being alone is peaceful but being alone with someone can make you feel home. if you have plan A and you're not sure about it then set up some back up plan and another back up plan till you're satisfied already with the result. 

tell you what, just accepting who you are is above all of this. life is plain without pains and sadness. I remember when Ali from the story I wrote titled 'golden hour' said "pain is the real happiness and pleasure is the real pain". you felt that, aren't you?

if you like this kind of content please share this to your friends and I'll upload part 2 of this topic. THANK YOU!