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How to be Non-Toxic (Part 4) - Admit Your Mistakes

Admit Your Mistakes

"We all make mistakes," is a saying that we are all familiar with. We cannot hide the fact that this statement holds the truth. After all, we are all humans who commit countless mistakes in our life because there is no such thing as perfection. We all make mistakes and we are all guilty of it either way but it is what we do after committing mistakes matter the most.

How do we deal with our mistakes is the important thing, because there is no point in dwelling in our mistakes since it is already done. Most of us deal with our mistakes by justifying it. However, this kind of way of dealing with your mistakes is like living a distorted reality. Yes, we do have different beliefs and values we are believing in and things we know are right. On the other hand, not all time what we thought is right is not always right.

With that, justifying our mistakes, makes us, people, toxic. Yes, sometimes it is difficult for us to admit our mistakes, especially when the values we believed in for a long period is wrong all this time. Also, we don't want to be humiliated and embarrassed. As well as justifying our mistakes instead of admitting it causes us more trouble and it could lead to bigger problems than what we have.

Conversely, admitting your mistakes prevent it from becoming bigger. Admitting and acknowledging your mistakes does not make you weak and dumb. It makes you stronger even more because you have the confidence and courage to learn from it. That is the benefit you can get from the mistakes you have done, a lesson for you to learn, and an experience for you to remember it.

Overall, admitting your mistakes does not make you less of a person. Making mistakes makes youā€” you although you have done countless mistakes, what matters the most is how you are going to deal with it. Deal with it with toxicity or deal with it like a queen and slay it? Always remember as the saying goes, "Mistakes do not only makes you a person but beautiful. And being beautiful is knowing you are not perfect."

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