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How to be Non-Toxic (Part 3) - Be Thankful

Be Thankful

Another factor that makes us, people, toxic is we take some things for granted. We take things for granted instead of being thankful because it did not reach our level of satisfaction. It turns out things happened upside down on how we expected the result should be. The result either did not satisfy us or we are asking for more, or it could be both. The fact that we see it more negatively, and this negativity is turning our emotions to be sad and the feeling of discontentment.

We are asking for more while other people are already happy when this kind of particular result and achievement happened to them, they see it as another milestone in their life though it is not the result that they expected to happen. I know, this kind of behavior is hard to instill in ourselves because this is how we, people, really are. It's okay to feel disappointed, sad, discontent, upset, distress, and you can name the rest. It's okay to see things negatively sometimes, but just for a moment.

What I am pointing out is, do not let these unfavorable effects affect you for a long period, for the rest of your life. Yes, I know maybe you have heard this a lot of times I will still say it anyway. Stand up and do better! And you know, maybe the things you are aiming for is not what's meant for you. It could be greater things meant for you. Just like what Oprah Winfrey said, "Failures is God's way of saying, 'Excuse me, you're moving in the wrong direction.'" You should be grateful for those experiences too because those escapades and failures taught you many lessons and you gained knowledge at the same time.

I had an experience just this last Saturday, November 7. The day I posted my second vlog on YouTube, and I sent the links to my friends so I could promote it and that video could help too, as students. However, I did not send the link to my classmates' last school year, Year 11, because I have a basher, and let's not dig in on how did I said and classified him as a basher.

To my surprise, one of my friends sent the link to the Group Chat and I did not see that coming. My adviser noticed it and watched the vlog, and said jokingly, "Okay, subscribe kay Piolo Pascual." ("Okay, subscribe to Piolo Pascual.") Well, my adviser is one of my inspirations in the making of the video because one of the points I mentioned in the vlog is the lesson I have learned from him. Eventually, the said basher of mine replied to my adviser's message and said, "Akala ko subscribe to Buknoy, sir." ("I thought, subscribe to Buknoy, sir.") He told me way back last month that I looked like Buknoy because I also have long hair, just because of that nonsense reason.

Of course, the usual doings of a human being, I fought back. I sent him the link of 'How to be Non-Toxic (Part 2) - Learn to be Supportive, Not Insecure', the last blog post I posted and I replied, "Oh, sakaling matauhan ka bigla." ("Here, in case you might come to your senses.") And the rest is history. After that, I came back from my consciousness. I feel like I am living a hypocrisy life, I write blog posts about "How to be Non-Toxic" and yet I became toxic right away just of because a nonsense argument. How ironic.

What I did realize and learned is, I forgot to thank him. To be thankful, even though he was bashing me throughout during our Year 11. I forgot that he even streamed my first vlog during our zoom call last month when our Year 11 adviser called and asked how's everyone doing with their class. Though he was bashing all the way through while watching the video, at least he subscribed to my YouTube channel and told me during the bickering last Saturday that already watched the second vlog.

To put it all together, let's be thankful for everything that has been happening in our life. May it good or bad, may it bring contentment and satisfaction or discontentment and dissatisfaction because at the end of the day, those things happened for a reason and it helps us to build ourselves. Above all, it gives us life lessons and makes us realize and reflect on things in our life.

P.S I'm sorry for not posting any contents last week. I was so busy but here you go! Enjoy reading!

- nekkooolai šŸ–¤āœØ