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Denver Dagohoy

10 Ways to Review before your Exam.

10 Ways to Review before your Exam.

1. Create an Outline 
2. Highlight the Big Words and The Most Important Words.
3. Dont Review it at Night ( you will forget it ) . Do it at early in the moring, for me the best is at 4 am.
4.  Review it a week before your Exam
5. Try using a flash card or make a quiz to test your self.
6. Eat Chocolates it help boost your brain.
7. Create an motivational Quotes so you can get inspired to study well.
8. Review your quizzes and long test sometimes it comes out in the examination.
9.  Take a rest and sleep well 
10.  Last but not the least always pray and ask for having a good grades .

This is my tips base on my experiences . It was really help me to have this good grades . I hope that it can help you guys . I wanted to inspire all those student out there who want to be successful someday . Keep it up and GoodLuck on your Examination.

" Dont Give up on your Dreams"