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Aljon Adalid

How listening music changes the mood of a person

Sometimes we experience great stress that flip us off when were in the middle of something, and deep breathing just doesn't help us. Well here are some good news for you!

Not only is music capable of affecting your mood — hearing particularly happy or sad music can change the way we perceive the world, according to researchers at the University of Groningen. ... However, such mood changes not only it affects how you feel, they change your perception as well.
Meaning to say that your mood and perspective may be affected, depending on what kind of music you listen to.

Take me for an example. I have bad anxiety and I constantly experience nausea from time to time, what I do is listen to happy or chill music that can change the mood of my mind. Or in other words the music that I'm listening to affects my hypothalamus which is responsible for my expressions/emotions. The psychology of music has a lot to do with neuroscience and brain behavior. The key influence of music on the brain is to relieve tension which can be demonstrated from the impact it has on the hypothalamus. Hypothalamus controls the body 's features, such as body temperature and appetite as well as mood.

My friendly advice is to listen to music when you're in stress and it will help you calm down and change the mood. Don't you notice that everything that you're doing, hard or easy task changes when there is music present near to you? Now there you have it. Whenever you want a mood changer you can just pick a music that matches the mood that you want.


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