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How can you be optimistic in spite of all the negativity?

Negative thinking is easily struck. Every day, depressing ideas, images and emotions flood you. Bad incidents are endemic in daily life.

But what really takes bravery is to maintain a positive view of what's happening around you. The difference between the outstanding in life and the laggard is this capacity to smile at the adversity and discourage.

The good thing is that a positive outlook can be fostered. You only have the best habits to learn. You will eventually feel more relaxed and confident about yourself.

This article deals with the patterns of a positive mindset that you can seek to help and change your personal view of life.

• Be grateful for what you have 

When you feel uncertain and anxious, take out a notebook and write down the things you're grateful for. It can be simple things, like having a hard-working parent, working well, or just being young and healthy.

Remember, millions of people around the world don't have that kind of stuff. Writing down is going to help you realize how blessed your life is then you're bound to feel better about that.

• Say some positive things to yourself

After you have woken up every morning, tell yourself five optimistic phrases when you look at the mirror.

Look in the eye and say, 'Today will be a fantastic day' or, 'Your smile is beautiful.' Even such little things have a positive cumulative influence on your thoughts.

Instead of sinking in self-criticism, you are motivated and driven to make your day a reality.

• Surround yourself with people who are positive

You will still fail to pursue a positive outlook when you keep negative people around you. This does not mean that you must disconnect all relations with people other than you.

Instead, work to make friends with up-to-date, vigorous, hard-workers and centered people. You will soon find yourself imitating these people's habits.

It is especially helpful in the dark days have positive people around you.

• Meditate regularly

I fought for constructive thought sometime. So I was thinking that I'd give meditation a shot. And so faithfully believe me that I've profited so well. My recommendation would therefore be to learn to meditate and you will experience the magic of meditation.

It lets you get a grip on your thoughts and helps to cultivate inner peace.

Research suggests that people who frequently meditate are less vulnerable to depression and anxiety.

• Be good to other people

To have a good mindset implies to support people without hesitation.

So try to donate to a local charity if you feel comfortable, give alms to the poor and try and dedicate some time and effort to create a healthier society. You will soon be made aware of your true worth.

I have witnessed many personal crises myself. Some are life or death cases. I always said that you can't change the situation, but your response to that situation can be modified.

You can't adjust the conditions, but you can go over them.

You cannot change your problems, but in the problems that make you a happier person you can find sense, intention and meaning.

I hope the article satisfied you. In the comment section below I would love to hear your thoughts and perspectives on this subject. Giving us your feedback is really important to me.

Ending this article with a quote:

"You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” - A.A. Mine

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by: Eduard (imeduardcullen)