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Amjedah Zarrah

How can we achieve Happiness?

We always smile, or sometimes we laugh. But how can we say that every smile we share or show is genuine? In our life, we can usually find happiness through small things like having good grades, finishing a good series or even finishing a satisfying meal. But lets talk about happiness within us. Usually this comes to us if we are contented of everything that we have. It's all about being okay with what we have and don't have. We must remove ourselves in living with the toxicity that we bring in our life. Don't let people dictate what kind of happiness you must have. YOU must search for it. YOU can find it anywhere at anytime in our life. Remember, you are the owner of your life. It depends on you if you want it to be a good life or a disastrous one. It depends on you how you handle it. Don't let insecurities eat you alive, because it's dangerous. Always remind yourself that you are enough, you are beautiful and you are loved. After remembering those, surely you'll find happiness within you. Keep safe babes! *hugs and kisses*