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Hidden Love #MYSPECIALMOMENTWITHDAD #MySpecialMomentWithDad

I call this "Hidden Love" and you're about to know why I called it that way. 

I was taught by my dad how to fix a wire extension. he told me that the wires I see from the cable are important and I need to be careful as much as I can to not cut or disrupt it because one wrong wire the whole cable will not function ever. 
I was taught by my dad how to change a lightbulb. It was not just about the shape and what color of lightbulb I should buy, he said. He said that I should also take note about the watts, the brightness, the quality, the brand, and even the longevity of the bulb. 
I was taught by my dad how to clean electric fans. He said that I should only remove the cover, the blade, the small locks and the back cover of the fan. He said that I should never wash it with soap or any liquid that may have bubbles. I should just wash it with water and towel dry it and put it back the same way I removed it. 

In my 19 years of existence, I noticed that my dad never taught me any Life Lessons. He would always just teach me how to do all this kind of things that may break around the house. But I never took bad of it. Instead I think of that maybe its his way of teaching me life lessons by showing that not all broken things are meant to be thrown immediately. Never in my mind crossed to think that he was scared of not telling me life lessons, he just wanted to show me how life really is. He wanted to tell me that small things matters too. He wanted to tell me that love can be in different forms. 

From then on, whenever  he teaches me something or shows me something,  I always cherish every seconds of it because I know that this is the way he's telling me that he loves me. He showed me different forms of love and showed me how to love and how it feels to be loved.  

Having a hard-working and loving father beside you is massive blessing  for every family in the world, that's why whenever I meet someone or see someone that grew up with just their mother or just their father, I always look up to them because I know they are one of the strong soldiers of God.  

Happy Father's day to all the fathers, and to those who stood up as a father. You guys deserve all the happiness and love in the world!