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Jie Cabuyao

Things You Can Do to Kill Time

If you are on a vacation like for students, a break before another school year begins, or someone who got bored going the same old thing every time they have time to spare, here are some suggestions to still be productive: 
1.  Acquire new skills or talents
Challenge yourself by finishing a task or gain new knowledge like greetings in a foreign language or play a chord in an instrument. 
2. Watch and finish a TV series or movies
Movies or TV dramas have the ability to let us experience a sensational feeling or emotion and also insights that can change our perspective about things.
3. Spend quality time
Since you have much time on your hands, might as well use it to reconnect with your friends or family.

Don’t overthink and stressed out since being productive is not always by finishing a lot of things. By going out of your box, you might discover something you have never done before.