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Nica Naval


 I think so, because first of all we have strong moral commitments without any religious foundation because all of us individually have a different belief and culture that might good to us but not good to them.

2. No, because I think it's our decision if we're going to be  a pious or not. Disclaimer, moral standards is independent because if moral standard is dependent to god why many people becoming an immoral and non-moral. Religion and morality standard are to be defined differently and have no definitional connections with each other. That's why we have a secular morality which is their moral decision is based on their own principles. 

3. Definitely, because all of us know what is god and god have a purpose for us. God is a tool or a way to unite each other, spread positivity, love each other and become a diverse world. God is the reason for your strong faith, to face or overcome your struggles in life and to become a strong person, to give you a motivation and to give you hope that everything has a reason.