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Agatha De Borja

A Tom And Jerry Movie Is Coming Up

Guess what? Our childhood will be eventually shown in 2021. It has turned into a film! Does anyone here remember watching Tom And Jerry as a child? Because I do. It was one of my most favorite childhood cartoons when I was little. It's one of the most famous American franchises and animated series of all time since the 1940s. It's a classic animated series. I loved the concept of the two characters chasing each other. Well, it was more of Tom, the cat, who likes to chase Jerry. Jerry, the mouse, truly likes to annoy Tom in many different ways which makes him chase the mouse more. 

     For the first time and fast forward in 2020, the first movie trailer has been released around today. Despite the horrible news that we have heard that are happening this year, we can still hear plenty of good news. The news regarding the film about Tom And Jerry is definitely a good one. Because this good news just hit the world by storm, it probably has made millions and millions of people excited considering the Tom and Jerry series has been part of childhood. Thus, many are becoming excited about this film coming up in 2021. I'm also excited for the film to come out. While watching the movie trailer, I have observed that Tom and Jerry are still animated. It just happens that they find themselves in the non-animated real world and they encounter other real-life characters played by Hollywood stars. If you haven't seen the trailer, check it out which I posted it above. Stay tune for this 2021 upcoming film "Tom And Jerry".