• Good News

Norvylene Tomas


My First Job was an admin assistant in a Robotics school, where we teach students on how to build a robot for their investigatory project, using STEM + R method which are Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Robotics. Its a fun work because I get a chance to see how robots work and I can say that a lot of Filipino children are smart and intelligent. Its really true that child's curiousity is really something. Let us not be little child's imagination because it is really wide. Working in a robotics school is one of the best experience because it taught a lot of things like how to get along well with your co workers, how to be more patient with your clients and it taught me to love children more, because there is hope in them. I also learn to be a child sometimes, to do things you want to do because you want them and it will bring happiness to you. Because as we can see children are always happy because they are able to do things they want. Let us all be child like and enjoy each passing day that God is given us.