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Ressa Agustin


Being a fangirl was a nice feeling. Being happy by just watching them on screen or in person. There are things that we do just for them. Many people may judge you for being a fan of them but let me say it to you, don't mind them as long as you know in yourself that your passion being a fangirl brought you into something good. Because of them you got an honor in your class, improved your engliah vocabularies and etc. They are an inspiration and forever will be aside from our family, relatives and friends.


  • Stefany Calma
    Aug 16, 2020 11:06
    Thank you for sharing your story! I can relate to your story, there are people who give insults to your idol and say harsh words. It's really annoying that there are people like that. May I have your time to view my story as well? Thank you so much paytingg!! https://www.goodinfonet.com//goodnews/the-deep-sea
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