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Filipino Farmer build bamboo swimming fool

A farmer in the Philippines built a low-cost swimming pool in their rice field so they can enjoy the summer during the lockdown. Gilbert Briones was helped by friends to construct the swimming pool outside their home in Nueva Ecija, the Philippines. They finished building the improvised swimming pool made of bamboo, recycled tarpaulin, and some rope. Gilbert said: ''We thought of making our pool that is within our budget because we miss swimming in the sea together. The outcome was good and we were all happy." The coronavirus guidelines in the country - some of the strictest in the world - prevent anyone from taking part leisure activities outside including swimming in the sea. However, Gilbert said that they are allowed to do some exercises and even swimming as long as it is within their property and not on public space. The Philippines has imposed the longest and one of the fiercest lockdowns in the world. However, they have still recorded almost 150,000 confirmed cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus as of August 13.