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Face Shields

DOH Department Memo # 2020-0345 does NOT intend to PRESCRIBE what kind of face shield is allowed or prohibited for use by the general public. The "specifications" table is for the purpose of identifying what kind of face shield should the SRP or Suggested Retail Price apply to. It DOES NOT PROHIBIT the use of any face shield other than what is specified. ANY FACE SHIELD MAY BE USED. Also, this is a Department Memorandum intended for all the agencies and departments to which this memo is addressed. This is not a direct communication for the general public.

To view the copy of the memo, click this link:

Agud mas athag, ang specifications nga nakasulat sa memo, ang tuyo sina para mahibaluan kung ano nga sahi sang face shield ang saklaw sang ginapatuman nga SRP ukon Suggested Retail Price. Wala ina naga mando kung ano ang bawal kag ginapahinugutan nga face shield.


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