• Good News

Nicole Hare

Everything will be fine.

The news around us might be too overwhelming for our mental health and this pandemic has given us so much anxiety, fear, hate, and other negativity to the point that it has revealed some bad parts of humanity. The good side is, I've seen so many people offering a helping hand even if they aren't related with each other and that simple act gives me hope that we will get through this. If you feel like all of this is too much and it's too heavy, reduce your screen time and put your phones away. Try to come up with some creative outlet to divert your energy into something productive. Majority of us have this feeling of uncertainty about what might happen in the future but let's all focus on the present moment because that's the only thing we can control. This might sound corny to others but it feels like someone might need to hear something that can ease their heart even a little bit.

Don't forget to wash your hands and wear your mask. Stay safe & remember God is in control. 🤍


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