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Effective Reviewing For Your Killer Online Class Exams!

Our learning system have changed a lot due to the adjustments we need to undergo during the pandemic crisis. Apparently, it have become harder for online learners since it's hard to conduct classes on online platforms especially that there's struggles on internet, signal and our own devices. The lessons might not be actually delivered well because of such online barriers we might be encountering. However, our life still goes on and so as we... And so as our exams!

Even if sometimes we hardly understand a certain lesson on one subject, the exam schedule won't just be adjusted for us, just to catch up. That's why to help my fellow students preparing for their exams, I'll be sharing some tips I've learned along the way!

Here some ways to effectively review for your online killer exams so that you'll save your failing and dying grades :

1. Write down your lectures.

If you aren't taking down notes during the classes, I think it's advisable for you to write down your lectures from your online module in a notebook. If it's too long, try just writing a summary of what you understand from every topic. 

Why? Here's a trivia.

According to the American educator Edgar Dale who developed the Learning Pyramid or Cone of Experience, people tends to remember 70% of what they write and say.

Dale have enumerated that people generally remember :

10% of what they read
20% of what they hear
30% of what they see
50% of what they see and hear
70% of what they write and say
90% of what they do.

Aside from the reference, ain't it more comfortable if you're reading your lectures on a notebook than a device that's unconsciously straining your eyes and releasing radiation hazards?

2. Browse. Read. Analyze. Memorize.

These are some tip for reading pattern when reviewing. Don't pressure yourself to absorb all the informations. Relax and start from browsing the topic. Think of the general keypoints of what's the topic all about. Next, try reading it again about more seriously now. Comprehend every topic bit by bit. Analyze the connection of this from that. After understanding all of the topics, you can now start memorizing keypoints that could possibly be appearing on your exam.

3. Recite it.

Just like the reference from number one had suggested, recite what you read. You remember it more when you hear and say it. Imagine you're in an oral reading contest or in declamation competition.

Well, it just not help you review but also helps in enhancing your pronounciation and speaking ability.

4. Spell it in the air.

I just learned about this from my former classmate. One time, I'm pressured to memorize a certain topic and I can't get it in to my head until I saw one of my classmate doing something in the air. She's reciting the word, then imagines writing it in the air with her index finger. I was amused that I tried it, and I tell you, it amazingly works! 

5.  Explain it to yourself.

You don't have your classmates or friends to review with you. But don't worry, you can still be interactive only that, with your self. It's not that you're being insane but discussing a topic or explaining it helps you to remember it more cause it challenges your understanding. And hey, isn't it intrapersonal communication is healthy?

6. Audio record your lecture.

Sometimes we're just so lazy to read over and over again our lectures. Or it's not laziness but it's our eyes that were just tired.  I don't know how many others are doing these but I definitely am doing it. I read my lecture out loud while audio recording it. After that, I'll listen to it from time to time so that I can slowly retain the information even without reading. Isn't that cool? ( For lazy potatoes like me, I mean )

7. Get enough sleep and water!

Ofcourse, these are the most important! You would barely remember anything if you're sleep deprived and dehydrated. Water gives our brain oxygen for better function, plus, who would want to take an exam with your inner existence still on the dream land, far away? You might sleep on your exam if you sleep deprived yourself so don't do it.

Alright! I'm ending it here again and hopefully those tips would help. Goodluck for incoming exam takers! Whatever exam that is : midterms, short quiz, long quiz, finals (LOL)...nail it guys! We're not wasting load and money here! Also, don't you ever think of cheating. Your exam scores won't define you as a person but your life principles does. Practice honesty even from the most little things because that's  where we grow as dignified human being.

Staysafe and Godbless!❤️


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