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5 Health Benefits of Cycling

One of the most important things we need to do in defending ourselves against different major diseases is physical activity. And if you're going to ask what kind of exercise do I recommend? The answer is biking, because it is a low-impact exercise that people of all the ages can enjoy. It is also nice, cheap, and good for our environment.

Moreover, biking gives us not only physical strenght, but calms our minds while looking at the scenery while cycling.

In this article I will address to you the health benefits of cycling:

1. It favors loss of  weight

It really will decrease weight by increasing our metabolic rate, muscle building, and fat burning. According to a British study that a half-hour biking every day will burn almost five kilograms of fat over a year.

2. Enchanced lung health

When the heart rate increases our hearts consume more oxygen, which helps our muscle to access more oxygen-rich blood and improve the lung function.

3. Reinforce the brain

Cycling improves two to three times the average in the development of proteins for our new brain cells. It is also enables practices to interact more efficiently in various areas of our brain. 

4. Help to support the immune system

Regular cycling can help you to be young, free from diseases, says a new study. A study published in the journal Aging Cell, showed that those who cycle well enough, can delay diseases usually associated with median or old age by increasing immunity to those who are healthy, but not regularly exercise.

Cycling will help maintain your muscle mass while keeping your body's fat and cholesterol healthy.

5.  Help manage stress and anxiety

Cycling often helps to synchronize the circadian rhythm and also suppress stress hormones that can make it proper regenerate, difficulty in sleeping. Enchances imaginative thought. The regular, uniform movements of cycling have a calming effect on the brain, which stabilizes physical and mental function.

Before this pandemic, I normally cycle 2 times a week about 21.12 km away from our home. Since the virus has spread extensively. I never had an opportunity to used my bike again. 

Until today that is already safe to go outside. But I'm still afraid of going out. And to be honest I really miss cycling. I hope everything will rerurn to normal again.

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