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Dress to Impress: A Woman’s Guide for a Date Dress Up

Dating for some will be easy, but for the rest of us, it’s a string of strenuous event that starts with: what am I going to wear? Yep! That’s the first thing that pops into a girl's mind when dating is discussed. Why is it so important to dress up and why is it so hard to do so?

Simple, because you want to impress. A woman simply loves to play dress up, whether they’re going out to the club, the mall, the park, go jogging, every occasion seems to be an endless routine of runway modeling for girls and dating is no exception. Dating is the getting-to-know-you stage of a relationship. It is when a girl and a boy start to discuss themselves in a more informal and friendlier manner. Sounds cheesy? Think again. All of us have experienced or will experience dating once in our life. It’s a milestone that we usually cherish. First crush, first kiss, almost a first in everything in the relationship aspect.

So why should a girl put extra attention in dressing up for a date? It’s like this, say, the guy you liked finally ask you out and you’ve been meaning to have a private time with him and suddenly you realized your wardrobe does not have the exact dress that you need for this very special occasion. Well, aside from the new Anne Klein leopard print wrap-around dress just hanging in your closet, most girls would like to wear something nice for them to remember in case the date turns out well. Girls love sentimental values.

So, how do we dress to impress? The way you dress says a lot about you and the way you bring the dress says more about you so wear something comfortable. You don’t want to have your date side-eye you thinking that you have an itch that you need to scratch just watching how uncomfortable you are with what you’re wearing. Wear something light and breezy when it is summer and warm and cozy if it’s cold.

Wear something that makes you feel confident. It could be your favorite skinny jeans and a top or a day dress you love to wear. You have to feel that you look pretty with what you’re wearing otherwise, there is no point in wearing something expensive but you’re not convinced you to look good in it.

You should also remember to dress for the occasion. A date could be a walk in the park, dinner at a restaurant, or a trip to the beach. It could be a daytime date or a nighttime date. You should always put in mind to know where you are going and dress appropriately.

The next thing to bear in mind is never to show off too much. I mean, don’t show off too much jewelry don’t show off too much accessory and don’t show off too much skin. Your date just might get turned off with all that’s flashing right in front of him.

Most importantly, the best way to dress is to dress like you. Don’t change too much just because he is your ultimate crush and the date could never happen again. Think that if he likes to spend time with you, it would be best that you are yourself so that he would like you the way you are.


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