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Dream a Lifestyle Not a Job

I was once in a job interview when I was asked, What is your dream job? Most of you might be confused unto why I was asked such. The reason, which most of us is familiar, was because I am applying a job that is not related to my college degree. 
When I was given this question, I answered “I don’t have a dream job because the future is so uncertain, the course you take on college doesn’t equate to your career in the future. We will not know what will happen on the next five or ten years.” 
And at that time I realize the importance of what you aim for, what your goal is. We may not be contented of what life offers us because it is not what we have been doing. There are many people who have graduated as engineers but gain success as musicians, and there are also people who didn’t graduate college but become successful people. I am not telling you to do exactly what they did, but, to have the perseverance that they have. To consider what life offers you, to assess it, and take it. So, instead of dreaming a job, dream a lifestyle. How would you like to live five or ten years from now? And there your job follows. Take on the challenge of trying something new.  

Always welcome opportunities even though it is not what you’ve been chasing for years, because maybe, all this time, we’ve been knocking on the wrong door.


  • Hot Mama
    Jan 21, 2021 14:51