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Charles Daniel

Dog's are joining the fight against Covid-19

It’s no secret I’m a dog person I’ve lived with a dog by my side since I was 8 years old. And as any dog caregiver knows, dogs are smart, fun, complex, interesting and generally awesome creatures. 

This 2020 we are facing  New challenge. The new pandemic that stops our normal Lives. For many years, dogs have been helping to keep humans safe by sniffing out narcotics, improvised explosive devices, pests, natural disasters, cancer, and  disease, and now yes, you guessed it the novel coronavirus.

A medical charity in England that has successfully trained dogs to detect malaria is now attempting to train man’s best friend to identify the smell of COVID-19.

The charity, called Medical Detection Dogs, is partnering with the Tropical Medicine and Hygiene School in London along with Durham University to begin trialing dogs for the job. Dr. Claire Guest, a behavioral psychologist and principal member of the charity told CTV News that there is “absolutely no reason why a dog can’t detect the virus.