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DIY photoshoot at home! 
Just wanna share what I’ve been preparing for months. Finally its all done today. I really tried my best to make everything’s perfect for my little princess.

Since it’s quarantine and I am scared of letting her out for this photoshoot, I made it by myself.  So I chose the floral theme set coz its so much fit for her personality. Just bought some fake flowers in shopee, also the baloons and everything in there was from online.  (Curtains, the palletes, the fur blanket.) Find a good lighting spot and place your set design right there. Additional tips, one soft box (see last photo) is a life changer. Finally, ready your camera and your little ones. 

As a Mom I want to give everything for my baby since it was my first time. Never been tired of planning about this coz I know it will be all worth it soon. And its a SUCCESS! 

Tips to all moms out there: Expand your creativity, search for resources and you can make something different. Remember we are the Mom of everything! Never doubt a single opportunity grab it and work for it!