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Creating A Healthy Daily Routine #MyHealthyRoutine

The world is lovely because the world itself is the most beautiful thing. By creating a healthy daily routine or simply doing some healthy stuff, you can embellish it.

From man to the animal, nature to the universe, and the earth to heaven, God created everything perfectly. But the most beautiful and unique that made is us, humans. Yes, we are humans, the most splendid creation of our God.

God gives us certain unique qualities that separate us from animals like language, creativity, love, holiness and immortality, freedom, and distinguish us from others. He gave us intelligence and a mind, first and foremost.

We now have to decide on how our intelligence and minds are going to be practice accordingly.

When the body is, the soul is pure and healthy.

We should first change the way we start our days. If the beginning is positive, healthy, and pure, the harmful and unhealthy end will not be worried.

Begin every day by giving thanks to God, the universe Creator.

"God, I'm thankful."

Respect your own body and look after it. It is the only place you have to stay. Only then can we respect and take care of others. We can do this by creating a healthy daily routine, tasks or activities.


You know how good it feels when you regularly meditate; it is like a breath of fresh air. Meditation helps us to connect our mind with the body more intensely. That will probably alleviate your stress and anxiety.

It's a kind of meditation that closes your eyes and breathes deeply into and out for a moment. A practice that teaches us to be patient gives us strength and be more sensible.

Reading books:

It is one of the most practical activities to be undertaken regularly. However, it does not just have to be casual, and we can make it meaningful. Underline hard words and good phrases every time you read.

On the last few bare pages of every book I read, I list all the hard words.

Besides that, I keep notes of vocabulary and a second for good lines, quotes, and poetic texts.

I've maintained a list and serial numbers of all the books I read. I will add it to this list every time I finish a book, and I am delighted that there is an ever-growing number. I imagine that a batsman scoring is going through a tough match with every run.

Running or walking:

Mornings are ideal for walking or running if you have the time; if not, make time in the evening for at least 30 minutes.

It's a good idea to walk and talk. For best results, walk with a partner.

Eating nutritious foods: 

Don't put food first; eat to live, not live to eat. Your body is a temple, and what you eat determines who you are.

Consume high-quality food but not to the point of hunger; doing so will benefit you in two ways. 

Fewer foods are beneficial to our health and also act as a form of charity. Charity is not something that can be practice daily; instead, charity does not always mean money or items. Eating less means reserving some of your portions for someone else. It's a positive and healthy social gesture.


I love the world as a whole. It always helps you to give love.

Love is so strong that it brings men closer to God. It's miraculous, able to transform people into divine beings. It heals not just the body and the mind but the soul. By the power of love, a violent man can become a gentle, kind, and gentle person.

The environment:

By simply changing our daily habits and doing some healthy acts, we can save the environment. By cutting energy, water consumption and altering eating and transport habitats, we can conserve natural resources.

Creating a healthy daily routine should be done one at a time and do all you can to make sure you live a healthy life.

Of course, the choice of which habit is personal, which varies between individuals.


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    Nov 23, 2021 21:48
    wow good content, lets support each other. Thank you!! high five