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Christmas hits different in the Philippines #MYFAVORITECHRISTMASSONG #MyFavoriteChristmasSong

From the title itself, it is true that Christmas hits really different when you're a Filipino. 

My Favorite Christmas song came out in the year 2018, for me it was the year of change. I completed my Junior Highschool and about to start a new chapter in a University at Manila, which was really a big step for me because I'll be far away from home. My Grandmother also past away that year, which really shocked everybody because it was just like days after her birthday and in that year also, my family was badly in debt and I would pay my tuition really late. 

This song was a top-tier Christmas song back then. The way the intro starts really makes you feel that its really Christmas, you know that "Chrismtas'y feeling" knowing that there will be food and desserts and gatherings that'll happen. That song changed the way I looked at Christmas, in that year, in that moment, it made me feel safe. 

That year of Christmas was really wonderful, besides from the church that we go to, they played "Bibingka" by Ben & Ben. A local band artist whom is popular in the Philippines and makes really good music and changes lives. I attached the Music here so that you guys can hear it and I hope it also changes the way you all see of Christmas. 

This song is not just meant for people that are in a relationship, this song also conveys the meaning of family being together in the first night of Christmas and having to celebrate the life of Jesus and talk about life. 

So to all who celebrated Christmas with a complete family, virtual celebration, incomplete family, broken family and to even those who celebrated Christmas solo, I wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas because there will still be more Christmas to come and to what and where we are right now? In this pandemic? Remember that it's just a blimp in life where you experience your "lows". But do always remember that if there are lows,  there are also highs that will come to you! You just got to be patient and have faith. ❤✊