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Christine Ruin

Best dating apps for you!

Hi guys, so let me share you about dating apps can filled your boredness.

So the first one is, 

Yubo-  is a social media app for iOS and Android devices that lets users create a profile, share their location, and flip through images of other users in their area. (Baaed on my experienced) This apps is a nice app, mostly here is foreigners. But be careful to use it, there are so many fake guys out there.

Meeff- about this app, mostly here is korean. You can find someone like your hobbies, example of exchanging languanges and more. If you like oppas, you better use it. 

Youul- About this one, here at this apps mostly like around the world. You can chat anyone country. But hey, you can be famous here. Post your picture and wait for it. 

So hope you enjoyed reading my first article, give me a feedbacks if you want more!
P. S: I'm sorry if my grammars are wrong, feel free to correct me! 


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