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Appreciation post for Anime + What is Happiness? #MyHappiness

First, what is happiness? Happiness is an emotion that is makes us laugh, forget our problems and it’s all for free. 
Do you think that’s all? 

We have different ways to be happy. We can happy about money, wealth, things clothes and anything. It’s okay, that’s acceptable. What I mean is Happiness is free. We can afford to laugh even if, our happiness is so makes dumb to other people. Happiness is a choice. Be happy and grateful. Be happy for what you have and what you give. It’s okay to be happy, don’t punish yourself! Learn to love yourself. 

As for me, Anime makes me happy, it may look dumb to others because to some people anime is not real. For me, it’s we learn a lot of things, lessons, stories, adventures and many more. We earned also friends through it.

Some people don’t understand, watching anime alone, eating your snacks is so happy.

Happiness is a choice! Whatever your reason, choose to be happy! Appreciate little things and also acceptance.

I Love Anime, #MyHappiness
-Anime Feels 


  • Rashe
    Oct 15, 2020 13:19
    Anime has been my coping mechanism during the whole quarantine. I am so glad that anime existed in my lifetime!!
  • Eduard
    Oct 15, 2020 11:13
    Love for anime.
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