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Addiction is an Adaptation. It's not you-- It's the Cage you Live In

Many of us started out innocently enough, but somewhere down the line, we got hurt. So, what do we do? We bury it, bypass it, let it burn… and one day it woke-up rose to the surface, but we didn’t know what to do.

So -we self-medicate.

We ate, we drank. We smoked a bit – and for a moment it felt ok - but “ok” wears off quickly. So, we returned to the null and void. The numbing process… it’s how we cope. Years roll on and we either come to meet our pain or we enhance it. It’s a vicious circle when we are addicted - and the blame and shame are brutal.

Fighting our minds, our bodies, and the outsiders is a game. We hunt, we hide, and we lose sight of reality until the bottom falls out. But if we are lucky, grace and the will to heal catches us before death because… there is nothing glamorous about smoke, nothing cool about an altered state and nothing, NOthing can compare to clean and clear.

** Please know** there is a lot of us out there, we are not alone and there is a lot of help available… but only when we are ready. Don’t lose it, don’t run… reach out. Help is only a word but “I need it” is the first step into healing.


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