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A Healthy Mind— The Greatest Treasure (#MentalHealthAwareness)

In these times of uncertainty and incertitude in the course of crisis and pandemic currently occurring and taking hundreds of thousands of lives, which has overtaken everyone's mental health at stake. In this point of time wherein there is no assurance of everything, our mental health has been set aside and not able to be taken care of as it should be.

Neglecting to take care of our mental health can cause and trigger such illness. Anxiety, where it is a torture for someone, and depression as a silent killer without even the people around us can notice. It is now time for us to take care of ourselves and leave the other things for a while. It is now time for us to connect and talk to Him. He is always there and frees for you, ready to listen to all of your wearies.

A person experiencing anxiety and depression doesn't need advice, they need an ear who is genuinely willing to listen to them without judgment. Someone they can hold on to and be with them during that time. Someone they can tell all the things bugging in their minds.

We all have different ways of supporting our friends who are experiencing a mental health crisis. I, myself, do things indirectly for them. They may not notice it but I always do my best to make them happy, telling jokes and stories because some of them didn't really want to talk about their problems. And if they do, I'm all ears.

I may not know the pain and suffering they are experiencing but I always want them to know that I am always there for them. What are friends for right? When the time comes they want to hear advice, sure I'll help you with that as much as I can. In the end, the best of the best where they can talk to and ask for advice is from above. He may not answer you directly but He has His own ways to answer you.

I remember one time when one of my friends was experiencing heartbreak from a relationship. It caused her to experience a mental health crisis and it took her time to tell us what really happened. The time when she asked me for advice, I couldn't give her anything because my past relationships were all with a mutual decision to have a breakup.

When our Moving Up Ceremony came, she gave our circle of friends a letter. Written in the letter, she expressed her thankfulness because we were there during those times to show support and love for her. She said, she's very thankful to have us as her friends and how I was able to inspire her to do things beyond limits. Now, I can see and feel that she's very happy with her new relationship. Take note, this guy is much better and friendly than the past one.

I want to take this opportunity too, to show my support and love for her. Hi, beb! Wherever you are, I want you to know that I and the Rangers are always proud of you. We are here whenever you need us, and I am very much happy for you. We love you and see you soon!

After all, we need to prioritize our mental health and take care of it really well. With that, as I said in the beginning, it is now the time for you to connect and talk to Him. It is now time for you to get back to Him. He loves you and always will! We can surpass this together, and have faith and trust Him!

- nekkooolai 🖤✨