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Adrian Gallardo

5 Weird Traits that is ATTRACTIVEšŸ‘Œ

#1 You are Shy Type - In this world full of noises or in a way that most of all want attention from others. You can be easily recognized as "One of a kind person".

#2 You are Clumsy! - Others says that is part of laziness, but experts in Psychology says that they see clumsy men as "youthful and exciting" kind of people.

#3 You are nerdy?! - Most of the kind the nerdy type of person is one who is being bullied, but the research says that they are the one who is "very passionate about something or thing that they want to do/accomplish" so that it makes them so attractive.

#4 You are an oversharer!! - Simply because these type of people is very open and easy to bond with.

#5 You take things slowly! - You just wanna be sure of what you are doing so you take things with precise process and slowly so that you can finish things smoothly.