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You're A Blessing

A lot of us wonder what's our real purpose in life. Many of us always have this "Whys" in our mind. Why are we alive? Why am I living? Why I exist? These are the questions that we usually ponder the moment the world took our innocence. 
Every day, as we wake up, we always think right away of what to do. The basic routine, house chores, work, the food we will cook for the day, groceries, bills, finances, problems, etc. There's a lot of things running in our minds that we tend to forget sometimes who we really are and our purpose of doing all such things every day.
Yes, we do all of those to live, to survive and to achieve our dreams in life. Inevitably, we get stressed, exhausted and anxious of everything we do. We sometimes get frustrated and disappointed about life as well as to ourselves.
In life, it is normal to encounter problems. We all have it. In fact, you can't be normal without having a single problem in life. And I think that's the beauty of life. Having these problems make us wiser and  courageous to face the morrow.
It's just sad that some people  can be too much affected to all of what's happening in their lives. It made them physically, emotionally mentally and even psychologically exhausted. Worst case scenarios, they get anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses.
We don't usually meet these people and we can't easily identify if they're struggling mental health issues as they normally look fine. They look happy, always joke and showing a positive vibe towards others, however, we have no idea how shattered they are inside.
Everyone of us has this story worthy to be told. Everyone of us is going through something that other people know nothing about and it's painful that people around us can't easily understand us.
We, as a person and human, are responsible to take care of one another. We are responsible to have sensitivity towards others and proactively respond to their needs. Helping someone isn't always about money. We can always help others by giving our time, share something what we have, motivate and empower people with our words. Letting them know that we got their back and that there's someone who listens and care for them.
Life is wonderful and it's a precious gift we receive every day. There's a lot of things to be grateful for. The chance to wake up in the  morning, good health, our families and friends who's still with us, shelter, food, money and a lot more that we have right now.
Yes, if you're still alive, you are blessed and continue to be a blessing to others. Let's always show our love and respect to anyone because this can never be done when the time comes that our curtain will finally close. 


  • Anime Feels
    Oct 11, 2020 18:11
    Thank you, you are also a blessing! ❤️
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