• Personal Stories

Justine A.

Your Ghost

I hope you feel better knowing there's someone who misses you from afar. I hope you're in your happiest moments doing things that you love as what she wished you to be. I hope you figured out your dreams and started working
them all for yourself-as what she wants to see you in victory. I hope you're doing good in your life after all your darkest times that she stayed but now she's picking herself up alone just because she missed you and you never spare a second to checked up on her. It's okay, you met her with strong personality and she wilI handle this painfully. I still wished you well, lovešŸ’–

P.S  Know when you're going to give up and set the person free, if he/she no longer respond with the same vibe after how many times you've tried fighting the energy, then give him/her some space or just move on. No message is also a messagešŸ’–


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