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You want to get a bachelors degree? Just in 1 yr!! This is Legit

Yes! You read it right!!!
You can now get a bachelor's degree even without finishing 4yrs in college.
It is available to those who didn't finish college and now working. 
It is really a good news, just search some schools who is offering a course under EXPANDED TERTIARY EDUCATION EQUIVALENCY AND ACCREDITATION PROGRAM (ETEEAAP)
And here are some of the qualifications or requirements.
*25 yrs and above
* with 5 years working experience
* college undergraduate or at least high school graduate
* filipino
For more information feel free to scan the tiktok account encircled above. 
And credit to the owner of this video. 
Thank you, I hope this will help! 


  • Tace Mendoza
    Aug 24, 2020 23:19
    nice work :)
  • Xianpxyjel
    Aug 15, 2020 17:45
    Check my article too tnx :) add me and i will adding u back :)
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