• Good News

Rona Ewican


In a world where technology has become such a huge thing, it is easy to see the lives of other people through social media. Mostly, flaunted on these sites are the lives of the rich, powerful and famous people. Oftentimes, ordinary people see this and think how insignificant their lives are. But let us always remember what we see are just the things people wants us to see, disregarding the unpretty side of their lives which is inevitable. We may be extra in this movie called life but when you put it next to ordinary we become extraordinary. So let us not think we are inferior to these kinds of people but instead let us be thankful of what we have.  Just because we live differently does not mean we are of different importance in this world. Always remember our lives matter, you matter, we matter. So keep your head up, stay away from the negativity and spread love. ❣️