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Lix M

You don't need to be perfect

Growing older means that we are facing a new chapter of our life in which we are going to the next level. It's just like a game, it's getting harder when the level goes up. But we need to overcome any obstacles that we may face in order for us to achieve our goals or to be in the next level. 
Most of the time we feel that we are tired in doing our task, it's okay we don't need to be strong all the time, we are not perfect. We are humans and we don't need to be perfect, what we need is to be better. Being better doesn't mean that you need to compare yourself to others. Remember that we are all different in terms of our skills and talents. Maybe they are fast learner and you are not, but as long as you are trying to be better and to improve yourself, it's already a progress. Slow progress is still a progress, just don't give up.