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You are Born to be Unique and Special. Unleash It.

Believe it or not, we are all born unique and special. We all have gifts that are special to us. The issue is those gifts aren't put in front of you- it’s up to us to find them. Therein lies the problem.

We as people are hooked on the quick fix. We look for the easiest and fastest solution and when the going gets tough, we just think its not meant to be. Therefore we quit and move on to the next thing.

Your talent just might be hiding in the very thing that you quit! When I was 16, I would go running with my Aunt. She ran 6 miles every day and every day I would only make it 3 miles before I had to start walking. Every day I would watch her body get further in the distance as I walked the next 3 miles. All I could think was “Damn this running !!!”

While I still hate running and still say “Damn” literally every day I run,
what I figured out as my aunt would leave me every day was to just show up every day and see what happens. I slowly stopped getting upset as she left me and only focused on trying to run a few minutes longer before I had to stop.

When adversities get tough in life don’t be wasteful. Sometimes all you need to do is chip away at the rough edges. Once the rough edges have been smoothed out, you will see just how special and unique you are!


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