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Hi there, this is my first time. Well let me just share one of my created stories here. I hope it's alright :) Here it goes, the title of my master piece *just kidding*. The title of the story is "The Death of Helena". I know it's not a good vibe or good news, but just wanna share this one for entertainment. I hope you like it.

At the age of 23, most people already have their life laid out for them. Some have plans for their careers. Others have plans to rise on their respective social classes. Almost everyone has plan. Heck, some even dare to dream.

But not her.


Absolutely disillusioned. She had no plans, nor dreams. She just lives everyday as it is. It has come to a point in which she became a shut in. Totally dependent on her parents, who can only hope that she would someday find that spark in life. She cut off all social ties, lost friends in the process, an slowly degraded to become a nihilist. It is physically taking its toll on her.

Her skin that was once rosy white now sickly pale.

Her hair that was once long and gorgeous, now cut short with grey streaks.

Her figure that once had curves, now thin as a kite.

Her face that once radiated with beauty, now just a shadow of what once was.

With bags under her eyes one can clearly tell that she had a sleepless nights. One look and you can see that she is already at death's door. One may wonder what affliction she has. No one knows, and no one will ever know.

as she took her dying breath, the last thing she saw is a bloody knife and a shadow walking away. Screams coming from upstairs, her mother probably, black smoke and fires raging. She had lost hope long ago, she won't start having one now. She just wished it happened differently, not like this. Stabbed and left to die in afire, what a way to go.

Then she woke up...


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